Airtime Follow Up

Involving Stakeholders:
  • They have a sustainability policy, or they have a staff member who is in charge of the policy's implementation
  • They use local contractors and local goods when possible

Energy and Water:
  • They replace T12 fluorescent lightbulbs
  • They use motion sensors for lighting in appropriate rooms.
  • They use Energy Star equipment
  • Update insulation or windows
  • Use programmable thermostat
  • They have an HVAC tuneup or refrigeration tuneup
  • They set all computer monitors to turn off after 10 minutes of inactivity
  • Offer a green or sustainable product or service
  • Replace production equipment with energy or water efficient models
  • They install trees, bushes, etc. at local facilities

  • They buy office copy paper with at least 30% recycled content
  • They purchase recycled or re-manufactered toner cartridges
  • They purchase more materials in bulk
  • they use low emission building materials when remodeling
  • Use teleconferences or web conferences rather than traveling for face to face meetings.
  • Schedule regular tuneups for business vehicles
  • Check tire pressure regularly

Waste Prevention:
  • Reduce copying: Use electronic distribution to avoid unnecessary document printing, and set copier and printer defaults to two sided.
  • Contact catalogue senders and others to reduce the amount of bulk mail and duplicate mailings you receive.
  • Use marketing materials that require no envelope.
  • Re-use packing and shipping materials.
  • Replace individual hand soap containers with larger, refillable dispensers.
  • Use reusable rather than disposable products, dishes, towels, boxes, bags, and containers.
  • Install motion towel dispensers or air dryers near all sinks.
  • Prohibit littering at the work place or while on duty.

  • They recycle paper
  • They recycle glass
  • They recycle plastic bottles, utensils, wrappers, and other materials
  • They recycle boxes and other cardboard materials
  • Recycle pallets, pallet wrap, and any other wood debris.
  • They recycle toner and inkjet cartridges and recycle/dispose of batteries properly