All of the sustainable practices that Axis Music academy is doing:

Reduce copying
Regularly updating/purging our mailing list (we actually do most of our
mailing through email)
Reuse packaging and shipping materials
Replace individual hand soap containers with larger, refilable dispensers
Prohibit littering at the workplace

Recycle Paper
Recycle plastic bottles, utensils, wrappers and other materials
Recycle toner/inkjet cartidges
Recyle/properly dispose of all used batteries

We use energy efficient lighting/light bulbs
Use timers on outdoor lights and lights are always off in rooms when they
are not being used
Use programmable thermostat
Turn all computers off at the end of each business day.

Buy office copy paper with at least 30% recycled content
Purchase and use safer/eco friendly alternatives products for janitorial
and facility maintenance
Purchase materials in bulk
Exchange/donate unwanted furniture and equipment

We encourage our employees (and students!) to walk, carpool, bike or use
Use teleconferences or web conferences rather than traveling for face to
face meetings