Baldwin Public Library

These are all of the sustainability practices being done at the Baldwin Public Library
Involving Stakeholders
- Involve employees in developing your green business plan; get their input
- Establish a “green committee” of employees to make the green business plan and to regularly identify new strategies
- Encourage “green” practices by your customers

Waste Prevention
- Regularly update/purge your mailing list
- Use marketing materials that require no envelope
- Offer reusable shopping bags and/or discounts for those who use them
- Replace individual hand soap containers with larger, refillable dispensers
- Install motion towel dispensers or air dryers near all sinks
- Prohibit littering at the workplace or while on duty,

- Recycle paper
- Recycle glass
- Recycle aluminum and other metals
- Recycle toner and inkjet cartridges
- Recycle or properly dispose of all used batteries

Energy and Water
- Replace incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents
- Use motion sensors, timers, or other lighting controls in appropriate rooms
- Use programmable thermostat
- Get an HVAC tune-up or refrigeration tune-up
- Turn all computers off at the end of each business day

- Use teleconferences or web conferences rather than traveling for face-to-face meetings