Some key benefits of ‘sustainability’ to your business include:
Attract responsible green customers who make purchase decisions based on minimizing their own footprint

Reduce operating costs by undertaking initiatives that reduce waste, water and energy consumption, e.g. changing four light bulbs to compact fluro bulbs can save $65-$70/year

Develop a competitive advantage by establishing and promoting sustainable practices as a point of difference.

Consumer demand for sustainable product is on the increase. If you provide the same product or experience as another business but can advertise you business as sustainable, you will have a point of difference

Attract and retain valuable staff by adopting policies that meet with employee values and concerns. Also, by creating an environment of team knowledge sharing, best practice, and innovative ideas, employees will feel better about their work environment, and new employees may be attracted to the business

Increase local community support and referrals to your business. Involve the community in your operations. Go to community or regional workshops. Share your knowledge with other businesses and engage with your community
Encourage investors interested in companies with long-term sustainability plans that minimize operating risks in the future

Increase long-term profitability by maximizing your business potential and putting plans in place now that will create savings in the future such as minimizing transport costs that will continue to rise as fuel becomes more expensive
Know that your actions are actually making a difference to protect the environment
S Bates Street Birmingham Michigan
Here is a cliplet of a news paper manager picking up our flyer.

We picked this video for our clipet because the lady's there were very nice and grasped the concept of being green. that is why we picked them.

This is a collage of our trip to downtown Birmingham