Involve employees in developing your green [[#|business plan]]; get their input
Establish a “green committee” of employees to make the green business plan and to regularly identify new strategies
Provide training for employees on implementing green business practices
Institute a green business policy in the employee handbook, making participation in the practices a condition of [[#|employment]]
Inform suppliers and/or customers about your green business interests and efforts; solicit their suggestions
Encourage “green” practices by your customers
Achieve sustainability recognition, award or [[#|certification]] for your business
Achieve sustainability recognition, award or certification for your employees
Participate in a local clean-up event (Lake Waco Cleanup, Brazos River Cleanup, Neighborhood Cleanup, Adopt-A Road, etc)
Attend training/information sessions on green practices (i.e. industry specific, local program, US Green Building
Council meetings, etc

Shannon, the Purple Bear owner is looking over our brochure and considering. It was nice to know that she might consider becoming even more sustainable
East Maple, Birmingham, MI