Morley Candy Factory

Morley Candy makes many desserts and topping such as
Ice Cream Toppings
Ice Cream

They have been in their current location for 23 years They chose this place because they have to fallow the rules of manufactoring. They can't have a location near a gas station because if one of their underground tanks started to leak it would effect the chocolate and other desserts that they provide.They get their products from all over the USA but try to get their products mostly from Michigan because they are a Michigan company.They give free tours and they keep jobs in the area.They have machines that make sure that there is no meatal or other things that may harm their chocolate and other products. They also have machines that help to wrap the candy so that they will be able to make more chocolate. They think that their buisness is sucsessful because they have many loyal costumers, good management, and a good product. If farmers stop growing or raise the price of coco beans the Morley Candy would have a lot of trouble keeping their buisness alive. Their adress is 23770 Hall Road Clinton Township 48036 they are made in Michigan and their to priority is to make good chocolate.

What does Morley Candy do to be Sustainable?

Energy and Water
Track energy usage and share data with employees.
Use motion sencers, timers, or other lighting controls in appropiate rooms.
Update insulation or windows.
Use programable thermostat.
Turn off all computers at the end of the buisness day.
Use aerators and/or auto shut-off faucets

Install trees, bushes, and other landscaping at local facility.
Use recycled or previously used material in manufactured products.
Reduce and recycle waste materials from manufacturing process.
Implement a protocol for employee suggestions for efficiency.

Buy office paper with at least 30% recycled con-tent.
Purchase and use safer, more eco-friendly alternatives to previously used products for janitorial, pest control, and/or facility maintenance.