How is Morley Candy Sustainable?

-Do you have a sustainability policy in place and a staff member who is responsible for it's implementation.
-Do you seek to use local contractors and local goods when possible.
-Do you promote public/shared transport to your staff and customers.

-Track energy usage and share data with employees.
-Use motion sensors, timers,or other lighting controls in appropriate rooms.
-Update insulation or windows. ( Includes tinting)
-Use programmable thermostat.
-Turn all computers off at the end of each business day.
-Use aerators and/or auto shutoff on faucets.

-Install trees, bushes and other landscaping at local facility.
-Used recycled or previously used material in manufactured products.
-Reduce and recycle waste materials from manufacturing products.
-Adjust work schedules for efficient utility use and reduced traffic from employees and [[#|shipping vehicles]].

-Buy [[#|office copy paper]] with at least 30% recycled con-tent.
-Purchase and use safer, more eco-friendly alternatives to previously used products for [[#|janitorial]], pest control, and/or facility maintenance (for example,green seal products)
-Purchase recycled/re-manufactured [[#|toner cartridges]]
-Purchase more materials in bulk
-Exchange or donate unwanted furniture, equipment or scrap
-Use teleconferences or [[#|web conferences]] rather than traveling face-to-face meetings
-Schedule regular tune-ups for business vehicles
-Check tire pressure regulary
-Check for "ground staining" regularly
-Regularly update/purge your mailing list
-Use marketing materials that require no envelope
-Reuse packaging and shipping materials
-Replace individual hand soap containers with larger, refillable dispensers
-Use reusable rather than disposable products-dishes,towels,boxes,bags, containers.
-Prohibit littering at the workplace or while on duty.
-Recycle paper
-Recycle aluminum ad other metals
-Recycle plastic bottles, utensils, wrappers and other materials
-Recycle pallets, pallet wrap, and any other wood debris
-Recycle toner and inkjet cartridges. Recycle or properly dispose of all used batteries