There are three key objectives defined by your brochure addressing sustainability that cover economic, social, and environmental objectives.

First I will cover the environmental aspect of the objectives:
  • We recycle all of the paper we use in the office
  • We use paper that has a high percentage of recycled content
  • We don’t use paper cups or plastic utensils
  • We use a high efficiency dishwater for our dishes we use
  • We use fluorescent and LED lighting
  • We use motion sensing light switches and timers
  • Some of us who can walk back and forth to work when the weather permits
  • We use a programmable thermostat
  • We frequently scan and email documents to save paper resources

Secondly I will address the social objectives;
  • We are implementing more community projects with our staff such as habitat for humanity
  • We offer significant discounts for our services to non-profit organizations and charities
  • We improve the quality of the lives of our clients by helping them realize their financial goals with our strategies that help to reduce risk

And thirdly I will cover the Economic Objectives:
  • We use low cost, highly liquid exchange traded funds and notes, (ETFs and ETNs) in our portfolio construction
  • We have grown from $250 million in assets five years ago to $1.6 billion in assets today
  • We have expanded our staff from 6 people five years ago to 18 today
  • We utilize a scalable approach to the portfolio management
  • We have expanded our distribution of products to include over 60 firms that are able to distribute our portfolios
  • We are constantly reviewing ideas to increase the scalability of the business