The Green Garage Follow Up

All of the sustainable practices that The Green Garage is doing:

Involving Stakeholders:
  • They have a sustainability policy
  • They have a staff member who is in charge of the policy's implementation
  • Their customers and suppliers are aware of their sustainability goals and actions
  • They use local contractors and local goods when possible
  • They promote public/shared transport to staff and customers

Energy and Water:
  • They have a professional perform an on site audit of their energy use
  • They track energy usage and share data with employees
  • They use compact fluorescent lightbulbs
  • They replace T12 fluorescent lightbulbs
  • They unplug charger when not in use
  • They use Energy Star equipment
  • They update insulation or windows
  • They get fridge tune-ups
  • They turn off all computers at the end of each day
  • They use renewable energy
  • They use automatic faucets

  • They offer a sustainable service/product
  • They install trees, bushes, and other landscaping at the facility
  • The use recycled or previosly used materials from the manufacturing process
  • They reduce and recycle waste materials from the manufacturing process
  • They implement a protocol for employee suggestions

  • They ask for donations for at least 30% recycled content (copy paper)
  • They purchase and use safer and more eco-friendly alternatives to previously used products
  • They use low emission building materials when remodeling
  • They purchased used furniture, equipment, or materials
  • They exchange or donate unwanted furniture, equipment, or scrap


  • They implement policies/practices to encourage employee walking, biking, carpooling, transit, and/or telecommuting
  • They provide an incentive or reimburse employee travel on public transportation
  • They provide and incentive to employees that use alternate transportation
  • They use teleconference meetings instead of face to face

Waste Prevention:
  • They reduce copying
  • They contact catalogue senders and others to reduce the amount of bulk mail and duplicate mailings you receive
  • They replace individual hand soap containers with larger, refillable dispensers
  • They use reusable rather than disposable products like dishes, towels, boxes, bags, and containers
  • They prohibit littering at the work place or while on duty

  • They recycle paper
  • They recycle glass
  • They recycle aluminum and other metals
  • They recycle plastic bottles, utensils, wrappers, and other materials
  • They recycle boxes and other cardboard materials
  • They recycle toner and inkjet cartridges and recycle/dispose of batteries properly
  • They install signs and distribute instructions on recycling to staff

Insulate Your building. Living a green lifestyle is a process.