Reduce copying: use electronic distribution to avoid unnecessary document printing, and set copier andprinter defaults to two-sided
Regularly update/purge your mailing list
Contact catalogue senders and others to reduce the amount of bulk mail and duplicate mailings you receive
Use marketing materials that require no envelope
Reuse packaging and shipping materials
Offer reusable shopping bags and/or discounts for those who use them
Replace individual hand soap containers with larger, refillable dispensers
Use reusable rather than disposable products-dishes, towels, boxes, bags, containers
Install motion towel dispensers or air dryers near all sinks
Install motion activated soap dispensers
Prohibit littering at the workplace or while on duty.

South Old Woodward Birmingham MI

This was our best experience because Kevin from

Tactical Allocation Group brought us into a meeting
room and was the first to be on the Honor Roll