the parade company

they are a gold star because they are very affect and they reuse a lot of there floats and others they try there best to only have recyclable products and i think that they are really good at it and i hope that they keep that up.
they make sure that they save energy they do it very well and they filled the slip pretty much all yes and i think when i went there i saw that he took us to this area that has all the old floats and he told us that these are these floats that we reuse and try are best to use all of them. and i think that is very great that they try to that and thats why i said that they are gold stars. They never throw away much and they always use recyclable products and they never throw away unless they decently is impossible to us and I think that they ussustainability a lot without trying very hard and when they do try they are so sustainable. they make heads for they parade made out old news paper and I think that is very sustainable and they are a gold star